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SOLD OUT! Lunar New Year 2024

Sponsored by Glow Cultural Center and WAC Lighting | February 25, 2024 beginning at 11am

Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Landmark on Main Street.

Lunar New Year festivities include crafts, activities, food, and a live performance with traditional Chinese music.

11am: Chinese Cultural Fair in the Landmark Gym

Crafts, food and activities include:

  • Lion dance
  • CCLI Craft table
  • Chinese Yoyo
  • Tai Chi
  • Paper Cutting & Seals
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Lantern Making

2pm: Live Performance by New York Chinese Chorus 紐約中國民歌藝術合唱團

New York Chinese Chorus (NYCC)
New York Chinese Chorus is the cultural arm of the Glow Foundation and constantly promotes cultural exchange by performing both Chinese classical and folk songs to our communities. Founded in October 2009, it is sponsored by Peter Koo, New York City Councilman. Tai Wang, as the founding President of NYCC, creates an environment for all the music lovers to learn and enjoy music. With the hard works and enthusiasm from all the members, the chorus was very proud of the champion place from the 2016 international Hakka chorus competition in Taiwan, and with Haiyun Chorus joint effect, won three awards from the 14th Beijing International Chorus Festival on July 2018. Qi Dai is the current music director of the chorus. Dihua Lin is chorus accompanist. NYCC has gained much recognition throughout the New York area. We welcome music lovers to join our chorus. We meet every Thursday 6-8pm at 133-29 41st Ave, 1st. Floor, Flushing, NY 11355.

紐約中國民歌藝術合唱團成立於2009年十月。 由紐約市議員顧雅明先生贊助, 團長為甘台甯女士, 在团长的领导下, 提供音乐爱好者一个表演的平台,并在华人社区提升了大众对中华文化艺术的欣赏。 也在所有团员热忱及兢兢业业的努力下,让我们合唱团更加茁壮,十四年的合唱團歴史,以精典中國民歌為主,现師承戴琦和林棣华老师,多場精堪演出,在紐約合唱界頗具盛名,而且深受广大覌众和社会各界的好评。

我們立足於中國民歌和中國藝術歌曲演唱及表演,同時由衷地希望將全球華人華僑所喜愛的歌曲、 和熟悉的曲調改編成合唱、重唱等藝術表演形式,與大家一道重溫舊日之夢,回味思鄉之情, 以此來傳播和光大我們悠久的中華文化 。

值得骄傲的是,在2016年10月台湾举办《海外客语合唱观摩赛》中,紐約中國民歌藝術合唱团获得冠军金牌。2018年七月与海韵合唱团在第十四届北京国际合唱节荣获和平友谊奖和两枚B级合唱团奖牌。非常歡迎大家來參加紐約中國民歌藝術合唱團,我們迫切的需要男高音和男低音,希望借重大家的力量,讓我們的合唱團更加壯大 。

上課地點:133-29 41st.Ave.1st Floor,Flushing, NY 11355
聯絡資料: (718)359-1888  or zhouli01@yahoo.com


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